Change of ownership announcement April 1st 2020

Ari Hiltunen, Jani Toropainen and Miika Lauronen have acquired the entire share capital of Mecmetal Oy through a transaction
dated March 31, 2020 from Jouko Lauronen and Reijo Lauronen.

The purpose of the transaction is to ensure the continuity and development of the business in the hands of experienced
professionals. The new entrepreuners have many years of experience from Mecmetal Oy products, product manufacturing,
product developing and customer service. We will develop our customer service to be even better to meet the demands of industry
and customer needs. Transaction does not affect on our daily operations. Development director Jani Toropainen answers to any
questions about the transaction.

We look forward to meet and discuss with you about future cooperation.

You are also welcome to visit our factory in Joensuu.

Our daily operations continues in the same address without any disturbs, therefore these details will remain the same:

  • Billing information, account numbers
  • Business identity code
  • Business address


New tasks and contacts:

Email addresses:

Ari Hiltunen
Sales, Customer Relationships, Administration
Phone number
+358 20 7641 281
(+358 40 095 2689)

Jani Toropainen
Technical Sales & Consulting, Projects
Phone number
+358 20 7641 280
(+358 45 260 9209)

Miika Lauronen
Spare parts, Production
Phone number
+358 20 7641 283
(+358 44 201 8540)

Osmo Laurila
Phone number
+358 20 7641 288
(+358 40 026 1625)

Joensuu 1.4.2020

Ari Hiltunen
Jani Toropainen
Miika Lauronen