Service request page added

Service request page added


To improve our service and to provide broader opportunities to contact us, we have added a service request page to our website. Through the service request page you can submit us service requests and let us know of any development needs that may arise. You can find the page in the main menu or by clicking this link.

3D Digital Twin model and the real control system

Announcing the 3D Digital Twin model and the real control system


Mecmetal Oy is the worlds leading manufacturer of fully electromechanical production lines for concrete products.

Now Mecmetal has developed new production line series called “Mec-Evolution 20“. New design is based on the already reliable well field proven mechanical design.

In Evolution-20, we have used the latest available automation, software and servo drive technology.

To speed up the product development, we also utilized the Digital Twin technology. Digital twin has significantly speeded up the development process and can also be used for customer training and sales demonstrations.

Control system technology is based on B&R Automation system. The software for controlling the machine and the web based human machine interface software was developed by Eero Tiainen Consulting Oy. Realtime values of the control system are transferred via OPC UA to the Digital Twin. Process Genius implemented the visualization of movements based on actual values coming from the control system. The visualization has been implemented in a real-world 3D model of Mecmetal’s product machine.

By using the combination of 3D Digital Twin model and the real control system, machine can be operated in virtual environment just like a real machine.

From the start we have developed our production lines to answer our clients’ ever changing and developing needs. All of our products have been designed with care and manufactured from high-quality materials, considering the demanding industrial conditions.

Mecmetal Oy change of duties announcement July 1 st, 2021

Mecmetal Oy change of duties announcement July 1st 2021


Mecmetal Oy has reorganized its duties as planned earlier. Jani Toropainen will move from the position of Development Director to the company’s Managing Director.

From now on, Jani Toropainen will be especially responsible for: sales, development, production line projects, customer relations and administration.


Ari Hiltunen will move from the position of Managing Director to Head of Maintenance and Installation Operations.

From now on, Ari Hiltunen will be especially responsible for: sales and projects of the maintenance and installation functions.



Mecmetal Oy

Pamilonkatu 25

FIN 80100 Joensuu


info (at)



Jani Toropainen

Managing Director

Sales, development, production line projects, customer relations, administration

jani.toropainen (at)

Phone number +358 20 7641 280 (Mobile +358 45 260 9209)




Ari Hiltunen

Maintenance and Installation Operations Director

Sales and projects of maintenance and installation operations

ari.hiltunen (at)

Phone number +358 20 7641 281 (Mobile +358 40 095 2689)




Miika Lauronen

Production Manager

Spare parts, production

miika.lauronen (at)

Phone number +358 20 7641 283 (Mobile +358 44 201 8540)




Jan-Erik Hiltunen

Head designer


jan-erik.hiltunen (at)

Phone number +358 20 7641 288 (Mobile +358 50 575 9849


You can also find the new contact information and areas of responsibility on our website in the contact information tab.

Mecmetal Oy participates in supporting girls hockey

Mecmetal Oy participates in supporting girls hockey March 22, 2021


We set out to support the Joensuu Junior Jokipojat girls’ hockey team. The activities of the girls hockey team have started really briskly and the number of enthusiasts has grown at a gratifying pace. The youngest girls on the team are under school age and from there up are enthusiasts of all ages. Everyone is united by the joy of playing hockey in a comfortable company, under the guidance of skilled and inspiring coaches. Girls of all levels can join the team, there is no need to have previous experience in hockey.



“Junior Jokipojat girls hockey players and coaches thank Mecmetal Oy for sponsoring the team’s own game socks!

The goal of girls’ hockey in our team is to increase the number of players and bring girls hockey to the map again in Eastern Finland. The primary principles of our operations are to guarantee as many people as possible the opportunity to start a hobby at a low threshold and regardless of family wealth. In meeting this goal, business support is invaluable.

A warm thank you to Mecmetal Oy for supporting the hobby of more than twenty happy girls’ hockey players!

Regards Junior Jokipojat girls hockey coach Marie Vainikainen ”


Mecmetal also encourages other companies to support children’s and young people’s hobby opportunities.


Jani Toropainen

Mecmetal jumped to a new level

Mecmetal jumped to a new level March 18th 2021


An article published by Business Joensuu about the development path of our company and a story about people and partners in support of the company’s development.

Mecmetal jumped to a new level


Jani Toropainen

New Evolution-20 Concrete Production Lines now available

New Evolution-20 Concrete Production Lines now available

As a result of long product development, new and smart Evolution-20 control system equipped Concrete Production Lines are now available. New control system offers, among other things, production efficiency and proactive maintenance improving features. The system collects data from the machine’s every part and sensor in real time and forms information that is easy to understand for the user. With this data the system can assist and guide the user and give information for proactive maintenance.

MEC PRO FACTOR optional service enables, among other things, creating easy-to-understand diagrams and statistics from all the collected data. These statistics can be used to follow i.e. production key figures. With the collected data production can be enhanced in real time or afterwards. With the machine vision equipment and quality control system that can be included in the service you can even manage the quality control and reporting of a whole product factory. Service’s content is customized individually according to the client’s needs.

Our new Evolution-20 Concrete Product Machines are equipped with servo motor technology. Energy efficient motors allow fast and precise movements and the reuse of braking energy in the acceleration of other movements. Because the motors only use energy during movements and reuse braking energy, they are very energy efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Even though the energy consumption is already low, it is monitored in real time and can optimized even more.

Our product machines are environmentally friendly and cost-effective not only because of their low energy consumption, but also because their minute – and predictable need for daily maintenance. Top quality materials and parts as well as accurate fault diagnostics guarantee long durability and inexpensive maintenance costs. Oil leaks are also impossible with an electromechanical machine, so the machine and the environment stay cleaner.

As a machine manufacturer we are experienced and reliable. We already developed the first ever product machine that is solely based on electromechanical operations in the 1990’s. The results of persistent work and experience can be seen in our new line of products. We have closely listened our clients’ needs and wishes in our product development. With decades of expertise, we have refined and perfected our products and services to answer developing demands.

Safe operation during Covid-19 situation

Safe operation during Covid-19 situation September 5th 2020


Mecmetal is engineering workshop located in Joensuu that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains Concrete Product production equipment.  The Covid-19 pandemic that began this spring has also made our company think about increasingly safer ways to provide installations and maintenance at our customers production facilities.  We have paid special attention to e.g.  the following:

– Hand hygiene.  Wash hands frequently and use disinfictant in addition.

– Keep a distance from the people who work with us.

– We always discuss about customer operating methods with the customer and follow them.

– We always accommodate in our own rooms and in places that are found to be clean.

– We use our own personal tools.

– We travel between our own staff with the necessary means of transport, as spaciously as possible and keeping a distance.

– We follow the instructions of the face shield.


As a whole, we have established a safe and sensible way of dealing with an exceptional situation.


Happy autumn!


Jani Toropainen


The development project of the concrete product factory has started rapidly and we will publish more about its content in the near future!

Change of ownership announcement April 1st 2020

Change of ownership announcement April 1st 2020

Ari Hiltunen, Jani Toropainen and Miika Lauronen have acquired the entire share capital of Mecmetal Oy through a transaction
dated March 31, 2020 from Jouko Lauronen and Reijo Lauronen.

The purpose of the transaction is to ensure the continuity and development of the business in the hands of experienced
professionals. The new entrepreuners have many years of experience from Mecmetal Oy products, product manufacturing,
product developing and customer service. We will develop our customer service to be even better to meet the demands of industry
and customer needs. Transaction does not affect on our daily operations. Development director Jani Toropainen answers to any
questions about the transaction.

We look forward to meet and discuss with you about future cooperation.

You are also welcome to visit our factory in Joensuu.

Our daily operations continues in the same address without any disturbs, therefore these details will remain the same:

  • Billing information, account numbers
  • Business identity code
  • Business address


New tasks and contacts:

Email addresses:

Ari Hiltunen
Sales, Customer Relationships, Administration
Phone number
+358 20 7641 281
(+358 40 095 2689)

Jani Toropainen
Technical Sales & Consulting, Projects
Phone number
+358 20 7641 280
(+358 45 260 9209)

Miika Lauronen
Spare parts, Production
Phone number
+358 20 7641 283
(+358 44 201 8540)

Osmo Laurila
Phone number
+358 20 7641 288
(+358 40 026 1625)

Joensuu 1.4.2020

Ari Hiltunen
Jani Toropainen
Miika Lauronen

Mecmetal Oy

Mecmetal Oy is a Finnish company specializing in the development and manufacturing of concrete technology. Mecmetal Oy focuses on
production equipment and complete production lines for concrete blocks, insulated blocks and paving stones. As a technology supplier,
Mecmetal Oy is a pioneer in its field.

The MEC ELEKTRO, a fully electromechanical product machine developed by Mecmetal Oy, as well as our other production facilities;
have been developed extensively in recent years! Our new devices are equipped with modern, energy-efficient, precise and powerful
engines. New solutions in mechanical design, motors, control and software significantly speed up turnaround times, further improving
utilization and reliability. Completely without hydraulics, the product machine is truly energy efficient and perfectly suited to environmental
challenges. We have developed several solutions to the increasing environmental regulations and challenges posed by the recyclability
of raw materials. Many of our equipment are also suitable for wide range of industries.

Our future product factory will use the latest opportunities offered by digitalization. Our new controls and programs for faster turnaround
times, proactive maintenance, diagnostics, remote management and remote support, production control and superior availability will
soon be available on our old production lines as well.

The pioneering of Mecmetal Oy is based on long-term experience in the industry, experience built on numerous deliveries, professional
staff, know-how and understanding of customer needs.