Aging line MEC-ANTIK 140 ages most styles of concrete wall- and paving stones. Concrete stones are given an aged look by the operation of drum tumbling. The aging line consists of the drum and necessary conveyors.

Connect the MEC-ANTIK 140 to paving- and wall-stone production lines to turn a basic product into a specialized one with minimum effort.

MEC-ANTIK 140 is fully automatic and requires minimal labor. If needed, it can also be operated manually from the control panel. Capacity of the line is approximately 6-14 pallets per hour, depending on the packing method.

Consist of following devices:
1. Drum
2. feeding conveyor
3. feeding hopper
4. Tipper device
5. Guiding cone
6. Escalating conveyor
7. Conveyor for waste
– Weighing / Bagging line (optional)
– Stacking line, (optional)