New Generation Smart MEC Evolution-20 Concrete Product Machine

MEC Evolution-20 is a concrete product machine based entirely on electromechanical operations. It is equipped with a new generation technology. Features that assist and guide the user were the starting point of the new control system.  A strong emphasis has also been placed on proactive maintenance elements and production efficiency improving features. New servo gear motor technology guarantees precise and fast movements in all conditions and improves energy efficiency even more.

Technical properties

  • Fully automatic
  • Smart features
  • Compaction by vibrators
  • Electro-mechanical operation, servo technology
  • Accurate tooth gears
  • Central lubrication system
  • Directed vibration, frequency and power
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Express mould attachment and mould change automation
  • Bottom face profiles possible
  • MEC machine vision – and reporting system integration readiness

MEC Evolution-20 Concrete Product Machine is cost-effective

  • High utilization rate
  • Fast and precise movement
  • The manufactured products are very homogenous and high-quality
  • Energy efficient
    • Enery efficient motors only consume energy during the movements
    • Braking energy is recycled
    • Main switch < 200A
    • Realised energy consumption is being monitored realtime
    • Energy consumption can be optimised
  • Affordable and predictable maintenance costs
  • Short downtimes
    • Comprehensive and practical support services
    • Fast and easy availability of consumables and spare parts
    • Easy installation of modular components




Long history as a machine manufacturer
Already in 1990 Mecmetal developed MEC ELEKTRO, a product machine that was solely based on electro-mechanical operations. It was the first of its kind in the whole world. From the start we have developed our concrete product machines and - lines to answer our clients' ever changing and developing needs. All of our products have been designed with care and manufactured from high-quality materials, considering the demanding industrial conditions. This and reliable spare part - and maintenance service has enabled our products to have a very long lifespan; even the first MEC ELECTRO product machines and production lines are still in full use.

The control system has been completely overhauled

  •  The Evolution-20 control system can be used with various terminals (eg. computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • New technology such as feedback data makes smart features possible
  • The equipment also provides real-time diagnostic information, as well as real-time operating support to assist the machine operator. The user learns how to use the system quickly with guided functions.
  • Modular design simplifies hardware and facilitates installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • The system has been designed to be extremely fault-tolerant
    • Changing components and resetting the system in maintenance- and fault conditions is fast and easy
  • All of the control center's components have been designed to stand demanding industrial conditions
    • Industrial PC that has been designed to be used in rough conditions, withstands dirt and dust
    • No moving parts, Flash-memory, no blowers
  • Product-specific recipe information can be stored in the control system's memory or into external memory and can be easily used again the next time the system is used.
    • Recipe can be saved and created in XML-format
    • Infinite amount of product recipes
    • Every movement is precisely configurable according to the product's needs
    • Recipe pages and navigation have been designed to be very clear user-guiding
  • Manual operation can be performed using the manual operation buttons.
  •  All the main movements: mold, tamper and filling wagon, are powered by servo gear motors, which provide accurate positioning information and diagnostics of motor operation.
    • Precise positioning
    • Fast and energy-efficient movement
    • Braking energy is utilized again in the acceleration of other movements
    • The control systems have the possibility of remote management and remote support over the network.
    • We have developed our automation and servo control system with high-quality B&R Automation products designed for demanding conditions.
    • The motors have been upgraded mainly to servomotors. The motors and gears are dimensioned in co-operation with Sew Eurodrive, which supplies top quality motor and gear products throughout our production line.
Evolution-20 user interface.  
MEC 120 Evolution-20
Pallet size options:  width: max. 1200, length: 650-900, thickness: 27-45 mm
Product area options:  width: max. 1120, lenght: 600-850 mm
Maximum product height:  50-400 mm
Connection power: < 80 kW
Main switch:  < 200A
Need for compressed air: 200 litres/min
Total weight: approx. 10 000 kg
Main dimensions:  length: 4000, width: 3020, height:  3300 mm
MEC 140 Evolution-20
Pallet size options:  width: max. 1400, length: 650-900, thickness: 27-45 mm
Product area options:  width: max. 1320, length: 600-850 mm
Maximum product height:  50-400 mm
Connection power: < 80 kW
Main switch:  < 200A
Need for compressed air: 200 litres/min
Total weight: approx. 12 000 kg
Main dimensions:  length: 4000, width: 3220, height:  3300 mm

Construction of the concrete product machine

  •  Very sturdy RHS beam frame construction
  • The Mold and Tamper are guided up and down with four hardened guides and replaceable plain bearings.
  • The Mold height is adjusted and locked electronically.
  • The up and down movement of the Mold and the Tamper is performed by means of a hardened rack and a hardened pair of gear wheels.
  • Filling wagon is moved by a servo gear motor, which moves the Filling wagon forward and backward by means of a belt drive. The servo gear motor is attached to the body of the Concrete product machine. Unlike our previous models, this solution makes the Filling wagon lighter and faster.
  • Filling wagon is also suitable for filling high and narrow walls.
  • Rotating Filling activator Whisk system in the Filling wagon (Molds fill faster and more evenly)
    • Also available Shaker rod Filling activator option
    • The Filling activator motor is attached to the Filling wagon.
    • The independent motor of the Filling activator provides a continuous, speed-independent movement of the Filling activators.
  • Level measurement of the mass in the Filling wagon with a laser sensor.
  • Surface height information can be provided as recipe information.
  • Rotating Tamper cleaning brush in the Filling wagon.
    • Can also be replaced with a flat, fixed Tamper cleaning brush.
  • The mass volume of the Mass cone is approx. 2.5 m3. Mass cone has rounded corners. At the bottom of the Mass cone there is a dosing hatch, with which the mass is dispensed into the Filling wagon.
  • Mass cone has a mass surface measurement sensor that provides mass surface height information. (Eg. mixer concrete order control)

Vibration system MEC – Evolution-20

  • The vibration system consists of a vibrating table, solid rails, a servomotor rotating unit and an electronic control system. Vibration is called directional vibration.
  • The vibrating table is equipped with wear-resistant surface-hardened and easily replaceable wear rails.
  • Solid rails which are anchored to the machine frame. The solid rails have height adjustment.
  • A four-axis vibration unit is attached to the lower surface of the vibration table, which is powered by four servomotors.
  • The vibration force is adjusted within the limits set in the program. Vibration force settings can also be adjusted while driving. A value is entered in the recipe that changes the position of the weight pads as the position of the servomotor shafts changes.
    • (Unlike previous models, timing belt, pulleys, sleds and deflection motor are omitted)
  • The vibration speed is controlled by a servomotors.
  • All vibration values ​​can be stored in the product value recipes for each product.
  • The vibration of the Tamper section takes place with two rotating motor vibrators.

Quick-Fix System of the mold

  • For each product to be manufactured, a separate mold corresponding to the product is replaced in the product machine.
  • Mold change time from one product to another approx. 15 min. (if the products have ready-made driving recipes)
  • The machine has a quick mold attachment with four pneumatic bellows.
  • The Tamper is attached using four fasteners moving in the T-grooves.
  • An electric motor-operated mold changer. A mold is placed on the machine on a carriage that drives the mold inside the product machine.

Selectable driving modes:

  • Automatic production, one mass
  • Semi-automatic ; one full circle per push of a button
  • Manual operation ; each movement separately by the push of a button
  • Core plate drive
  • Insulated block drive
  • Facemix drive with one or more masses
  • Speed of each movement is fully adjustable by the user from the recipe management system


The reports can be integrated to other databases and systems, allowing quality control accounting to be managed with a single system from many applications (e.g. product factory, laboratory, office). More detailed reports and measurement data are available with the quality control and reporting system. Machine vision equipment can be connected to the system.
Auxiliary machinery
  • Face-mix unit
  • Insulation feeder unit
  • Product washing unit
  • Concrete mass order system
  • A selection of different handling equipment