The shuttle is made for transporting plastic and zero-slump concrete from a concrete mixing plant to the block making machine. The system is suitable for transporting a concrete mix up to 200 meters away and, if necessary, from building to building. The shuttle conveyor is equipped with a two- or four-wheel drive, depending on whether the track has any slopes. The concrete mix is discharged by rotating the container.

The wheels of the shuttle conveyor can be entirely made of iron or in the case of a track with slopes, coated with polyurethane for extra traction.

More detailed information can be found in the table below.


The track can be straight or have curves and/or slopes in acceptable limits. The track is 1400mm wide and consists of two U-260 beams. The track can be attached to an existing building structure or supported from below. Tracks are custom tailored according to the customer’s premises and needs.