Quality control and reporting system

A WEB-based system that collects information from automatic product quality control into a cloud-based database where it is securely stored and in a user-friendly format. The system automatically saves machine operating data, production reporting data, as well as machine vision camera and measuring equipment data. System calculates and displays production efficiency key figures in real time (OEE). All quality control information, for example, the measurement results from the factory’s test laboratory can also be entered into the same system. The system can be monitored in real time. The data recorded over days, months or even years can also be be searched afterwards. The system works seamlessly with the new MEC Evolution-20 user interface. Reports can also be monitored and filled in, for example, from an office computer, tablet or mobile.


Efficient production service

Mecmetal is in constant connection with the client’s factory, offering optimising service for maintenance, production and energy consumption, to name a few. Mecmetal upkeeps and updates the system and provides support in all situations.

The reporting system features are customized according to the client’s needs.


Machine vision camera and measuring devices  system

The features of the system include e.g. height measurement, measurement and comparison of product shape, width, length and surface quality with set comparison products, real-time diagnostics connected to alarms and automatic data collection. The system consists of machine vision cameras, laser sensors and its own control system. There are two units per production line, one immediately after the product machine and one after the curing chamber. Equipment can be integrated into Quality control and reporting system-service. Machine vision camera and measuring devices system can also be integrated in already existing production lines.